Few will deny how rewarding a dynamic, new studio album can be musically – it’s something like ‘ear candy.’  An experience just as rewarding, if not more so, is a dynamic live album.  Live albums provide a more organic experience, one less concerned with the perfection of the studio and more focused on a rawer, looser, and oft-times more intimate experience.  For trombonist Jeff Bradshaw, his latest live album Home: One Special Night At The Kimmel Center exemplifies the virtues of the live album, delivering an exceptional musical experience.

Over the course of Home, a takeaway is the fact that the talented group of featured musicians truly stretches their musical capabilities, thriving in the live setting.  In the studio, these artists have long established themselves, but here, many take their ‘A game’ to even more breathtaking heights.  One such example is Marsha Ambrosius, who is featured on “I Do Sincerely,” the third track on Home.  Always consistent, Ambrosius shows off a stunning upper register the listener hasn’t heard on her studio work. [READ MORE]