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We review your progress across multiple channels and suggest approaches that improve your overall performance. Recognizing the power of social media, we offer the best quality solutions to ensure the achievement of your goals and objectives.


  • Public Relations
  • Branding
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Creative Copyrighting
  • Live Event Production
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Digital Media Production

Creative Process

Innovation requires direction and what drives the success of any brand is knowing how and when to create new methods to take you to the places you want to go…all while remembering the customer along the way.

We begin by immersing ourselves in your brand, industry, targeted audiences, unique challenges and opportunities for success. We define clear program objectives and metrics. We develop straightforward, actionable recommendations, strategies and plans.

We create experiences that are authentic, tell your story, engage your audience, make personal connection, alter perception and influence decisions.


We map the experiences across multiple brand touchpoints like tradeshow exhibits, events, meeting and conferences, consumer activations, mobile marketing, retail experiences, pop-up engagements, and more.


We develop a plan for strategic deployment including budget management, venue research and site inspections, procurement and contract management, value engineering, online/onsite coordination and management, and post program services.


We utilize traditional, social and digital marketing strategies to augment your existing efforts and increase engagement pre, during and post event: Banner/Print Ads, Sponsorship/Venue Marketing Packages, Email Campaigns, Websites, Collateral and Giveaways & Guerilla Efforts, etc.


Our approach demonstrates clear value back to the business, compares performance against benchmarks, and highlights areas of focus for ongoing evolution and improvement.


Picture reality. This is what we deliver as we identify each facet of our client’s brand. Reality is what the people want to see when it comes to delivering your product, service and other offerings. A successful marketing and public relations campaign come from recognizing what the target audience needs, and our approach is proactive, reactive and interactive.





This is DSE Live, where every method to propel your brand is like adding one more wheel to your vehicle.

Add more speed, more power, more traction to your brand is what we do so that you are prepared to handle an increase of customers and clients who become connected to your company. Our full-service marketing agency specializes in practices that are ideal for both small and large businesses.

Because we work intimately with your brand, we pay attention to every facet of your marketing strategy to provide solutions for everything ranging from design to public relations, to SEO to video production. 

A team who offers consultation and support in your branding initiatives, business relationships, and event coordination, we’re here to guide you in every effort.

DSE Live takes the wheel whenever you decide to shift gears in your marketing strategy.

Sometimes people like to re-invent the wheel. We prefer re-inventing how you see the wheel.

Whatever the message, we help you connect with audiences in ways you never imagined.

A story in Research

Taking the high road requires direction. At the heart of every campaign begins with listening, strategizing and proposing ideas that map out your path to an evolving and budding brand. Innovation is for those who can see and vision is the beginning of turning all dreams into reality.

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction; at least that’s what the scientists say. And our science requires us to be quick and agile with every response. Because of our boutique application, it takes more than knowing which strategy to apply to the method but also knowing when. In every move that we make on your behalf, remember that we understand the method to get the conclusion we want.

Follow the conversation and you’ll find your target audience at the helm of initiating the next big trend. Digital marketing is at the forefront and because your consumers serve as brand ambassadors online, your brand must have an online personality that engages and interacts with those who will share your product with others.

The numbers

While the description is simple, what we do is much bigger. It’s one thing to talk about big ideas, it’s another to make them happen. We have the talent and experience to handle projects of any size, anywhere in the world, from large corporate events to targeted consumer experiential activations.​

  • Conversion Rate – 90%
  • Return Users – 77%
  • Social Following – 85%


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Services include the development of new marketing strategies, provide an objective viewpoint to uncover opportunities, research media outlets, coordinate month by month marketing objectives and activities in specific markets.​

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Focusing on media outreach and placements allows us to take you out of the box and connect you to other organizations who, when paired with their brand, can amplify your image.